Alice's Scandalous Love Triangle

Alice and Sydney Bartlett

In 1933 Alice was involved in a headline making love triangle with British actor John Warburton and writer Sidney "Cy" Bartlett. She had been dating Sidney on and off for three years. During one of their separations she began a romance with John. While attending a party in Beverly Hills Alice and John got into a vicious fight. When they returned to her house John beat Alice so badly that her eyes were swollen shut and her nose was broken. She said "He beat me up all over the street and grabbed me by the hair. It's a wonder I didn't die!" Alice couldn't leave her house for days and even had to have cosmetic surgery to fix her nose. She immediately broke up with John and got back together with Sidney. He was so angry about what John did to Alice that he hired two men to beat and disfigure him. On September 16, 1933 the two men robbed and beat up John. They were arrested and told the police that Sidney and Alice had hired them. Alice denied planning the attack saying "The whole thing comes to me as a shocking surprise." The grand jury refused to indict Bartlett or Alice but the bad publicity hurt her reputation. She married Sidney on December 3, 1933. The marriage lasted four years.

Alice and John Warburton