Alice's Marriage To Sidney Bartlett

Alice and Sidney "Cy" Bartlett had a tempestuous and scandalous relationships. Sidney, a successful screenwriter, was born in Russia in 1900. Alice started dating him in 1929 and they got engaged. Over the next four years they broke up several times. The press said they had the longest engagement in Hollywood. In 1933 the couple reunited again after Alice's lover John Warburton beat her up. To get revenge Sidney hired two men to beat up Warburton. Sidney was never charged with any crime but the incident damaged Alice's reputation. On December 3, 1933 Alice and Sidney secretly eloped in Mexico. She told reporters he was "the man I love most in the world."

Unfortunately their happiness would not last long. Alice announced they were separating in January of 1936 but just a few months later they were back together. In August of 1937 she filed for divorce. She claimed Sidney stayed away from home and had liquor parties. The divorce was granted in 1938 and Alice was awarded $65 a week in alimony. To celebrate she bought herself a divorce ring inscribed "Liberty and Freedom". Sidney later married actress Ellen Drew. In 1939 Alice took Sidney to court again claiming he was not paying his alimony. Sidney passed way in 1978 at the age of seventy-eight.