Alice's Divorce From Jack Roberts

In 1949 Alice divorced her second husband, screenwriter Jack Roberts, after eight years together. She claimed he "threw things and was interested in another girl". Soon after she began a romance with musician William Hinshaw. Meanwhile Jack started dating Barbara Hinshaw, William's estranged wife. The situation got messy when when Alice sued Jack for not paying his alimony. Then Barbara accused of William of not paying for their son's education. Both couples were ordered to appear in court in November of 1950. During the hearing Barbara said that everyone knew that Alice was living with her husband. Alice got very emotional and began arguing with Barbara. This upset the Judge who threatened to put everyone in jail if they didn't behave. He ordered both husbands to pay the money they owed and issued a restraining order to keep the couples from harassing each other. The situation created more scandalous headlines for Alice. She and William continued dating for several years but they broke up in 1952. Jack Roberts passed away in 1980 at the age of sixty-eight.