Quotes From Alice

On tough times "Knocks make you stronger. My chin ought to be scarred. But it's tough, it can take 'em. I like beans so if I had to eat a tin-can diet it wouldn't kill me."

On Marilyn Monroe: "Look at that Marilyn Monroe walk. I did it first. That's an Alice White walk!"

On marriage: "I have always felt that when I married I wanted it to last. I would rather take a chance on losing the man I loved during a long engagement than to rush into marriage and find later I had made a mistake."

On being a wife: "I went domestic with a vengeance. I even went to school to learn how to cook. But I don't think it was such a good idea. I think men resent women who are too domestic."

On silent films: "I only made on silent but they still think of me as a pioneer in silents."

On Hollywood marriages: "I've noticed that there aren't very many happy marriages in the show business. It almost seems as though you have to devote your time to taking care of either one thing or another - either your acting or your husband."

On being sexy: ""Sex appeal is great on the screen. They say I've got it. I don't know. The public seems to think so, but off screen it is nothing but a handicap."

On her early jobs: "My first job was as a stenographer in a real estate office. You see, I was in Hollywood high school where I was studying the commercial course. The call came at the school for a typist and I was sent to take the position."

On her image: "I wasn't a real madcap. I just married the wrong guys."

On Clara Bow: "You know people keep saying we're so much a alike and I, for one, was glad to meet Clara face to face and find out for myself."

On make-up: "Press your compact puff against the skin instead of rubbing it. Your face will look lovelier and you will be doing your skin a kindness."

On her past: "I never look back. What's past is past. I never saved a clipping when I was a star."

On kissing: "I can't see why women pretend they don't like to have a man who is really attractive kiss them. All women really like men to kiss them."

On love: "I've never met my one great passion. I'm still hunting for him. I'd like to meet a man who'd sweep me off my feet."

On being natural "I don't think audiences want me to speak very correct English. They want to hear me talk as any young American girl would talk so I am going to keep right on speaking in just my natural manner. I have tried to be natural in everything I do and I think that is why fans like me."