Alice's Mother & Grandmother

Alice and her grandmother Erselia

Alice's mother, Marian Alexander, was a show girl. She appeared in the Broadway musicals The Wild Rose and Nearly A Hero. In 1904 Marian made headlines when she sued producer Sam Shubert for $10,000 after he said she was "not beautiful".

She was briefly married to Alice's father, Audler White, but he left after she was born. Tragically Marian passed away when Alice was just three years old. Alice would be raised by her maternal grandparents in Patterson, New Jersey. Her grandfather Sanfalitsi Alexander owned a fruit business. Alice developed a very close relationship with her grandmother Erselia Alexander. Erselia was born in Milan, Italy in 1861. She married Sanfalitsi when she was twenty-one and they had six children. In 1885 Erselia and her family immigrated to the United States. She gave an interview about her famous granddaughter in 1929. You can read it here ...

Alice at age six